Invicom Test & Measurement Sdn Bhd provides test instruments, data acquisition systems, vibration sensors and structural health monitoring service in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand & Singapore.

Since the beginning we have been measuring Stress, Strain, Force, Torque, Voltage, Current, Temperature, Vibration, Noise and related Engineering Parameters for variety of industries.

We provide turnkey solutions to quantify, measure and process the measured data to obtain values that help to understand the real physics of the system, be it for finding fault, confirmation of simulation, improvement or as baseline parameters.

These solutions are suitable for both measurement and monitoring requirements where our monitoring systems can be installed at site permanently and data is captured and transmitted to our cloud servers continuously, and displayed on web browsers as dashboards.

Our key customers are: Automotive R&D departments, Civil & Structural Monitoring agencies, Aviation & Aerospace, HVAC manufacturers, Rolling Stock Operators, Power Distribution/Production Facilities, Petroleum Process Plants (Offshore & Onshore), Consumer Products Manufacturers and Research Universities.


What We Do

  • Supply and Integration of Measurement & Data Acquisition systems
  • Provide measurement services for stress, strain, vibration, noise and related physical parameters
  • Perform strain gauging (strain gaging), structural health monitoring, and remote cloud based monitoring
  • Test and analyze for stress-strain--principal stress, von-Mises stress and compliance tests
  • Develop and deploy scalable structural health monitoring systems, including data transfer, server backend and automatic data evaluation.
  • Perform structural vibration monitoring for pumps, civil structures, marine or offshore structures etc.


How We Do

  • Having complete in-house Engineering capability for Measurement, Monitoring and IOT systems.
  • From sensors to dashboard, with solid customer support
  • With Extensive Technical Knowhow


Companies We Represent

What We Offer