Telco Tower for Monitoring
Telco or Cellular towers (BTS Towers) house valuable equipment. Safety and integrity of these towers are sometimes overlooked and can lead to indisirable consequences.

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Continuous stress monitoring of large structures using an updated finite element model and displacements measured at a limited number of GPS receiver locations.

Structural Health Monitoring

Structural Health and Response Monitoring is an innovative method of monitoring structural status and performance without otherwise affecting the structure itself. Structural Health and Response Monitoring utilize several types of sensors embedded in, or attached to a structure to monitor performance criteria as well as identify and verify structural behavior.

Measurement Systems for Railway

Measurement technology in the railway sector faces its own special challenges: decentralized, distributed and synchronous data acquisition over thousands of channels – both inside and outside the rail vehicle – as well as direct reading of industry-specific bus systems, such as the Multifunction Vehicle Bus (MVB).

Automotive Data Acquisition Products

In test drives or on the test stand — we bring you the most adequate measurement solutions quickly and effectively in the automotive and vehicle industry.

Robust systems from imc Meßsysteme operate reliably during test drives, even in extremely harsh environments. Having black-box functionality, PC-independence, suitability for an extended temperature range, and shock/vibration resistance — our systems are fully integrated and stand ready for road trials.

Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) systems are used for permanent monitoring of vehicle weights on road traffic. They provide end users such as highway authorities, police agencies and road concessionaires with accurate measurement data for statistical purposes, infrastructure maintenance planning, overload monitoring and collection of toll fees.

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