Vibration Monitoring

Runnig machines need maintenance. Some maintenance programs call for the machines to run till failure or do some sort of periodic service after certain hour-runs, while others add more intelligence.

Automatic assembly of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) in mechanical equipment requires that PCBs do not get strained beyond specifications.

Typical FFT Vibration Data
Placement of sensitive equipment on the production floor becomes more of a norm rather than in the bespoke laboratories for obvious production efficiency benefits. 

We provide solutions for structural custodians to build intelligent digital twins. Monitoring and analysis systems are integrated for the best performance, reliable, easy and automated data processing. We provide monitoring solutions for Oil & Gas facilities, Bridges, Tunnels, Towers, Telco or Cellular BTS Towers and many more.

Strain gage installation

Invicom Test & Measurement provides dependable strain gauge (strain gage) installation service, and measurement service for static or dynamic tests. No matter how challenging the requirements are, our long experience in the field will certainly help running the test smoothly.

measurement service Malaysia

Invicom Test & Measurement is one of the most capable measurement service providers in Malaysia. We have in-house capability of measuring hundreds of synchronised dynamic channels, and any number of channels can be arranged with short notice.

CAE Services

Using state-of-the-art FE analysis and simulation software, Invicom Test & Measurement can help you with finite element modeling and analysis. Our consulting team consists of professionals with many years of experience in solving various engineering challenges.

Installation service Malaysia

Depends on the equipment supplied, we install, test and commission at customer's premises.

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