imc CANSAS data loggers makes use of the existing CANBUS facility of imc DEVICES to augment the static or slow channels into the measurement system. imc CANSAS also shortens the signal wiring by being able to place close to the sensors. As a result, many slow signals can be fed into one digital high speed CANBUS to reduce noise and cable clutter.

High-performance CAN data logging modules for applications in test stands, in-vehicle and industrial environments. imc CANSAS is a revolutionary concept for the decentralized capture of physical measurement data. It is made for applications in which analog signals must be connected, dynamically recorded and transmitted near their sensor sources.

imc CANSAS is ideal for any environment demanding decentralized arrangement with measurements taken close to the measured processes. Additionally, it can operate in rugged conditions, enduring temperatures ranging from -30° C to +85° C, or strong vibration and shock, and in anything from high humidity to splashed water.

imc CANSAS can be combined with imc BUSDAQ data logger modules to build up a flexible yet cost effective data acquisition and analysis system.

Cansas StandardCansas with LEMO

imc CANSAS Standard Housing

Individual, stacked on the rail or in the rack—with the standard design, anything is possible. The modules can easily be integrated into a variety of environments.

casette Cansas

imc CANSAS Casette Version

In test rigs and production installations, or wherever multiple CANSAS modules are connected in a centralized setup, the cassette model is ideal. The design of the cassette modules allows for custom connectors to be constructed easily to the user‘s specification.

Robust Cansas SLRobust Cansas SL

imc CANSAS-SL Robust Version

The imc CANSAS-SL versions are especially robust. They meet MIL STD810F standards—among the most stringent for resistance to temperature, vibration, contamination and shock.
They are ideal to employ in off-road vehicles, other exposed machinery or anywhere that normal electronics can't go.
As with the standard modules, the design reflects the function. The housing serves simultaneously as a heat sink and as a mounting fixture. Multiple imc CANSAS modules can be attached together without the need for tools, by means of the tongue and groove principle, or inserted into a module rack. The modules can be assembled on mounting platforms for assembly on DIN rails. The smooth surface makes it easy to clean following exposure to contaminants.


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