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Measurement modules used in the automotive industry must be robust and compact because there are often placed in areas such as the engine compartment where space is limited and temperatures can be high. The new imc CANSASfit series works reliably from -40° to +125° C, has a protection rating of IP65 and, due to their small form factor, can be placed almost anywhere. New generation of measurement and data acquisition systems from imc.

The modules enable direct connection of all typical signals such as voltage, current, temperature, rpm, distance and speed. The digitized measurement signals are output as CAN messages and can be read or recorded by any measurement, automation or control system with a CAN interface.

CansasFit Universal Module

imc CANSASfit-UTI-6

6 channel measurement amplifier for voltage, current and temperature measurements

The UTI-6 from the imc CANSASfit series is a 6 channel measurement amplifier that acquires analog signals, digitizes them, then outputs them via CAN.

Measurement variables:

  • Voltage (25 mV to 60V)
  • Current (20mA sensors)
  • Temperature (PT100, PT1000, NTC)
  • Resistance


  • Per channel isolated measurement inputs, individual filter and ADCs
  • Adjustable sensor supply (e.g., for active voltage-fed sensors)
  • 400 Hz bandwidth with max. 1000 Hz sampling rate per channel
  • Measurement ranges and sampling rates can be set per channel in steps of 1, 2, 5
  • 24 bit A/D converter

Typical applications:

Robust measurement equipment for mobile use at high temperatures and in harsh environments. Ideal for vehicle and machinery testing where space is limited and conditions can be extreme, e.g., in the engine compartment.

  • General voltage signals, incl. vehicle on-board voltages (up to 60V) and current measurements on external shunts (up to 50 mV)
  • Active voltage-fed sensors
  • Industrial sensors (20mA) for different physical variables
  • Temperature measurements with resistance-based sensors (PTxx, NTC)

CansasFit Encoder Module


imc CANSASfit-ENC-6

Module for acquisition of frequency, rotation, position and angle counter signals

The ENC-6 module from the imc CANSASfit series offers 6 differential channels which can each be used for event counting, time measurement or a combination of event counting and time measurement. These operating modes enable capture of incremental counter sensors such as those used for measuring frequencies, RPM-values and velocities. The switching threshold and hysteresis are software configurable for the purpose of detecting events or impulses for incremental measurements.

CansasFit Digital Input Module


imc CANSASfit-DI-16

16-channel digital input module

The imc DI-16 from the imc CANSASfit series provides the possibility to capture up to 16 digital inputs at a maximum sampling rate of 1 kHz. The data can be captured either as single bits or as a binary word over all the inputs; Standard logic levels of 5V or 24V can be set by software.
 CansasFit Digiral Output Module

imc CANSASfit-DO-16

Module with 16 digital outputs

The DO-16 module from the imc CANSASfit series provides 16 digital outputs. The outputs are configurable in four 4-bit groups, either as Open-Drain or Totem-Pole.


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