Measurement under harsh environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, water spray and intense vibration requires appropriately protected measurement equipment. This applies especially to long-duration measurements outdoors or data logging, acquisition on-board moving vehicles.

imc CRONOS-SL is a highly compact, super-robust mobile data acquisition system, for applications in tough environments. Conforming to MIL STD810F, one of the highest standards for temperature, environmental contaminants, and shock resistance, the signal conditioning, AD-conversion, online processing and data storage are integral components of the measurement system, in addition to data logging. This makes imc CRONOS-SL ideal for measurement tasks involving long duration data logging and monitoring tasks: e.g., on board vehicles, machinery or at outdoor measurement sites, where regular measurement equipment often fails to meet the environmental conditions.

  • Extremely robust data acquisition system: Meets MIL STD810F standard for temperature and shock resistance
  • Works autonomously and without a PC (or with PC for real time monitoring if needed)
  • WLAN, GPRS / UMTS-capability
  • Data can be logged and stored either in device and/or PC
  • Precision amplifier with integrated signal conditioning for all conventional sensors
  • High sampling rates for dynamic data logging/acquisition up to the acoustic range

The imc CRONOS-SL series data acquisition system is available in two different housing options. With its freely configurable measurement amplifier design, imc CRONOS-SL allows direct connection of any desired signals and sensors, and provides both power and conditioning. This enables ideal system adaptation to a wide variety of measurement tasks. Besides the logging of raw data, freely defined processing of channel signals can be performed in real time. All analog or digital channels, as well as computed data streams, are available for use in open and closed-loop control tasks, or for value limit monitoring. Meanwhile, measurement channels carried on the CAN/LIN-Bus, and encoded in a variety of protocols, can be acquired in synchronization with the others and processed in the same way as the analog measurement channels.
imc CRONOS-SL is equipped with an Ethernet TCP/IP interface, by means of which it is connected with the PC. Measurement network setups with any desired additional imc data logger device is also possible.


imc Cronos SL2



  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 256 mm x 80 mm x 350 mm
  • Available module slots: 2
  • Maximum number of channels: 16
  • Signal connection terminals (back plane): 4 x DSUB-16 or 16 x LEMO 7-pin
  • IP-protection rating: 65
  • Shock and vibration rating: MIL-STD-810F


imc Cronos SL4



  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 286 mm x 116 mm x 352 mm
  • Weight: approx. 8 kg
  • Available module slots: 4
  • Maximum number of channels: 32
  • Signal connection terminals (back plane): 8 x DSUB-15 or 32 x LEMO 7-pin
  • IP-protection rating: 65
  • Shock and Vibration resistance: MIL-STD-810F


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