Measurement Software

Measurement Software

 Measurement Software

From real-time, multi-monitoring system operation and analysis, to complex automation, internet measurement platforms and control interface displays - we provide all the software solutions that you need for your measurement tasks.

imc Wave Software
Software for Sound and Vibration Analysis with imc Measurement Systems. Designed to do Modal Analysis, Rotating Machinery and Sound & Vibration Measurements

imc Studio at Test environment

imc STUDIO offers a complete test and measurement workflow environment with an emphasis on productivity in measurement configuration and test development. From quick and simple data acquisition tasks, to fully automated combined analysis and control system with automation, imc STUDIO is built with over 20 years of experience, with one goal in mind: improve your testing productivity.


Comprehensive Software for data analysis - imc FAMOSata processing & signal analysis framework

Powerful analysis, visualization and documentation of measurement data

Cansas Pro

imc CANSASpro is a handy, user-friendly tool to log data to your computer directly from imc CANSAS modules via CAN-to-PC interface, including the imc CAN/USB adapter, making a low cost data acquisition system for slow analog channels.

Online FAMOS Block diagram

imc ONLINE FAMOS is software package, an extension of measurement and data acquisition systems from imc Meßsysteme, enabling the digital signal processors in the device to perform complicated mathematical functions. 

imc Sensor Database

imc SENSORS is a ready-to-go, universal database application for administering and editing sensor information. Along with values for IEEE P 1451.4 (TEDS), selections of additional sensor properties can be freely entered. 

imc Link

With imc LINK you can have full access to your data without the hassle and expense of traveling to your test site, or tracking down your test vehicles.

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