imc CANSASpro

Cansas Pro

imc CANSASpro is a handy, user-friendly tool to log data to your computer directly from imc CANSAS modules via CAN-to-PC interface, including the imc CAN/USB adapter, making a low cost data acquisition system for slow analog channels.

Easily view your data with the imc curve windows, whether they are simple time traces, or sophisticated color maps with 3-D displays. Measurement cursors and markers provide quick visual data analysis. imc CANSASpro also works with the data analysis framework imc FAMOS 6.3 to automatically process data and review test reports.

The obtained results can be documented with the imc Report Generator. In addition, it is possible to directly transfer the data to the data analysis tool, imc FAMOS, so that extensive signal analysis can be performed and reports can be created. imc CANSASpro works together with the configuration software imc CANSAS 1.8, which is freely available.

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