Comprehensive Software for data analysis - imc FAMOSata processing & signal analysis framework

Powerful analysis, visualization and documentation of measurement data

No matter where the data originates – test stand, test setup or mobile measurement – imc FAMOS combines all the tools you need for professional visualization and analysis of your data: from data importing to print-ready reports. With a vast number of analysis functions and powerful automation options, imc FAMOS provides quick results.

Specifically designed for analyzing daily measurement data, imc FAMOS is ideal for engineers and technicians who wish to solve their tasks efficiently.


Increasing your productivity

  • Data source management
  • Visualization of measurement data at your fingertips
  • Full range of analysis functions
  • Report generation with direct PDF output
  • Quickly analyze large data sets with 64 bit
  • Multi-layer macro creation
  • Project management
  • Link data with dynamic maps or videos

Start using imc FAMOS 7.4 today and obtain fast, comfortable and secure test results.
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