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imc FAMOS 2023

The new version of the imc FAMOS 2023 data analysis software aims to improve usability with new wizards and functions that efficiently support test engineers, scientists and technicians in their work and offer sophisticated functions for data import, data analysis and visualization. imc FAMOS diagrams can now be integrated into Microsoft 365 (Office) files via OLE for creating professional presentations.
New imc Format

Accelerated configuration of the data browser

Thanks to a new option for the simplified representation of the directory tree, the construction of the data browser is considerably accelerated, especially for network drives or directories with many subdirectories.

Accelerated curve window display

The curve window has also received a performance upgrade: the display of very large amounts of data has been significantly accelerated with the new release.

Convolution of code blocks

The blocks are recognized by keywords for sequence control (e.g., WHILE, FOR, IF, END). Comment lines can also be convolved if they are within the characters ;> and ;<.
Convolution of code blocks

Syntax highlighting

The syntax highlighting has been optimized in the new version. The style for functions, flow controls, texts, constants and comments can now be defined individually with font, font color and font style (bold, italic, underlined).Syntax Highlighting

Improved search functions

Search with regular expressions, highlighting of all found locations in the text, list of last searched/replaced patterns.
Search with regular expressions, marking of all places found in the text. improve search function

More new features

The Sequence-Editor has been extended by numerous helpful functions such as:
  • Optimized selection options in the Sequence-Editor. For example, an entire word or line can be automatically selected with a double or triple click. A rectangular selection of the editor content is now also possible.
  • The selection of an entire line is additionally possible via a keyboard shortcut.
  • Selected areas can now be moved by drag & drop.
  • Moving breakpoints and bookmarks with the mouse.
  • Rectangular selection of the editor content With projects everything is under controlSelection of Editor Content

Find projects faster

In order to keep track of numerous projects, the column "Date of last change" has been added to the Project Explorer.

Projects now with import filter

For professional work with imc FAMOS, projects are a central tool: all important files are combined in it. This simplifies the distribution and loading of analyses. With imc FAMOS 7.4 this becomes even more comfortable, since important import/export files such as ASCII/EXCEL import configurations, ASCII/EXCEL export templates and import filters are automatically saved in the project.
Find projects faster

Panels as dialogs

In the new version 7.4, panels can now be used as dialogs for the first time. This allows projects created by the user to be made available to other users in a protected and unchangeable dialog environment. The access to the imc FAMOS environment remains hidden and the user works exclusively in his own app.Panels as dialogs

Operation of the panel with keyboard

Widgets can be run through in a defined order with the tab key using the new property "Tab-Index". This allows a fast and comfortable user guidance by keyboard.
Operating of panels with Keyboard

Password protection

With the new password protection for panels, you can protect your own developments such as evaluation algorithms, sequences and interfaces from access by third parties.
Password Protect your panels

User Ticks

With the new axis setting "User Ticks", users can insert additional ticks with labels in the curve window. For example, a limit, start/stop time or something similar can be displayed as an additional fixed axis label. Font size, font type, color, inclination and position are freely adjustable.User insert additional ticks


The font size of the legend can now be set independently of other elements (axes, markers, etc.).
Users can insert additional ticks with labels in the curve window

More and extended Excel functions

For many users, the interaction between imc FAMOS and MS Excel is an important component in the exchange with colleagues, customers and partners. With the new version, the possibilities have been more expanded:

  • XlWbOpen(): Excel files can now also be opened with password.
  • XlWbGetCount(): The number of currently open Excel files is determined.
  • XlWbGetName(): The name of an open Excel file is determined.
  • XlWbExist(): Checks whether an Excel file with a given name is currently open.
  • XlSheetGetCount(): The number of sheets in the active Excel file is determined.
  • XlSheetGetTitle(): The title of a sheet in the active Excel file is determined.
  • XlSheetExist(): Checks if there is a sheet with a given title in the active Excel file.
  • XlSheetInsertCopy(): The copy of a sheet is inserted into the active Excel file.
  • XlSheetMove(): The position of a sheet in the active Excel file is changed or a sheet from another Excel file is moved to the active Excel file.
  • XlSheetRename()Rename a sheet in the active Excel file.
  • XlSheetSetOption(): Sets display and print options for the active sheet.
  • XlSelectRange(): Selects a cell or cell range.
  • XlGetSelectedRange(): Excel: Query selected range.
  • XlPaste(): Pastes the contents of the clipboard into the active sheet.
  • XlFind(): Searches the current sheet for text.

Cutting of datasets

The cutting of data sets can now also be carried out using the gren or cut function by specifying absolute times. This is supplemented by the new cutdt function, which can now also be used to cut data sets with different sampling rates. In addition, the desired length of the section can be specified instead of an end time.Cutting data sets

Voice Output

With the new SpeakText function, users can output texts, instructions, states, results and much more via speech. The SpeakConfig function can also be used to configure the voice output (speed, etc.).

Calculate without losing meta-information

If the content of a variable is overwritten during calculations, its meta-information and properties can still be retained. Users only have to mark the variable with the indexer [*].

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