imc Sensor Database

imc SENSORS is a ready-to-go, universal database application for administering and editing sensor information. Along with values for IEEE P 1451.4 (TEDS), selections of additional sensor properties can be freely entered. 

Sensor database using imc Plug & Measure technology 
imc SENSORS allows access to sensor information quickly and comprehensively and also offers the following:

  • Device-independent sensor administration
  • Verification of calibration data and monitoring of calibration intervals
  • Quick and reliable traceability of the calibration data per ISO900
  • Easy archiving of sensor data info
  • Complete parameterization of measurement channels when used with imc Plug & Measure-capable devices

Supports Smart Sensors with TEDS per IEEE P 1451.4
Along with values for smart sensors (TEDS) defined in IEEE P 1451.4, selections of additional sensor properties can be freely entered. The imc SENSORS database is precisely tailored to meet the needs of test and measurement engineers whatever the task: research and development, trials and testing, quality assurance, maintenance, etc. Furthermore, if the application requires constant changing and reconfiguration of test setups, this type of database saves a considerable amount of administrative burden. Also, this significantly shortens the tooling time and ensures reproducible and defined sensor connection.

Sensor management & simplification of measurement device setup 
imc SENSORS can be used measurement device-independent and also in conjunction with Plug & Measure-capable devices. In addition to the sensor data, complete parameterization of the measurement system can be entered. The parameters are then set automatically. This reduces setup time and provides a reproducible and secure sensor connection.

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