Modal Analysis Software

ARTeMIS Modal is an open, and user-friendly platform for modal testing, modal analysis and modal problem solving. If you can measure the vibrations, ARTeMIS Modal can give you the modes in terms of mode shape, natural frequency and damping ratio.

ARTeMIS Modal is a powerful and versatile tool designed for the OMA, EMA, ODS and SHM analysis. Below the majors benefits are listed along with a listing of all available techniques of the different versions of ARTeMIS Modal. 


  • Scalable software – Unlimited amount of sensors and data points.
  • Handles multiple test setups (rowing sensors) and multiple reference points for increased mode shape accuracy.
  • Fast and automatic results – Saves time.
  • User friendly task driven user interface – Have your first modal parameters estimated in a matter of minutes. 
  • Versatile – If you can measure the vibration – ARTeMIS will always give you the answer.
  • Open - Major data input file formats supported. Software is not linked to specific hardware.
  • Outstanding results – Validated output based on several parallel modal analysis – Accuracy.
  • Results can directly be used for e.g. Finite Element (FE) correlation and updating, design verification and trouble shooting.

Operational Modal Analysis

  • In-situ testing of a structure – True boundaries.
  • Natural environment – True excitation forces even in the presence of deterministic signals (harmonics).
  • Test during normal service state – No interruption needed - increased productivity.
  • Use operational forces - No artificial excitation needed.
  • Modal parameter results describes the true service state of the structure.
  • Can be used on extremely small or large structures – size does not matter.

Experimental Modal Analysis

  • Polyreference classical modal analysis.
  • Frequency Response Functions can be uploaded from files.
  • Produce Frequency Response Functions using the internal Impact Testing module for selected data acquisition hardware.
  • Mode estimation using peak picking and polynomial estimation on Frequency Response Functions.

Operating Deflection Shapes Analysis

  • Time and frequency domain ODS analysis.
  • View animations of the structural deflection per frequency or during an interval of time.
  • Optionally integration and differentiation in time and frequency domain.
  • Save animations to AVI movies.

Structural Health Monitoring

  • Analyze structural integrity over time in a single ARTeMIS Modal project.
  • View modal parameters as a function of imported measurements.
  • View damage development as a function of imported measurements.
  • Optional automatic file upload and processing.

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