Gemeral Purpose Accelerometer
Universal Accelerometers are intended for general purpose laboratory or industry use. Wide frequency range and dynamic range makes it acceptable for use in many applications.

Miniature Accelerometer
These piezoelectric accelerometers are particularly suited for small and light test objects, with inherent very high resonant frequencies.

High Sensitivity Accelerometers
High Sensitivity Accelerometers are intended for the measurement of lowest vibrations. Typical fields of application include the monitoring of buildings, dams, bridges, oil platforms and pipelines.

Triaxial Accelerometer
Orthogonally aligned for simultaneous measurement of vibration in 3 perpendicular axes. All models has stud mounting for easy attachment and alignment.

Industrial Accelerometer
These accelerometers are designed for rough environment and durable on site application. Dust and water protected and equipped with tough industrial connectors and cables.

Special Accelerometers
Accelerometers for Special Purpose-- Probe, Seat Pad accelerometer, Low Power and Integral Magnetic Base with ID contact.

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