High Sensitivity
High Sensitivity Accelerometers are intended for the measurement of lowest vibrations. Typical fields of application include the monitoring of buildings, dams, bridges, oil platforms and pipelines. These sensors are often called seismic accelerometers because they are used to monitor construction activity, volcanoes and earthquakes. Their high sensitivity is achieved, unlike other high sensitivity accelerometers, by the sensing element itself and not by internal amplification, resulting highest resolution and lowest noise.

High Sensitivity Accelerometers Lowest Noise High Sensitivity Accelerometer IP67 High Sensitivity Accelerometer
Type KB12VD KS48C
Sensitivity 10000 mV/g 1000 mV/g
Measuring range ±0.6 g ±6 g
Residual noise 1 µg (0.5..300Hz) 14µg (0.5..1000Hz)
Linear frequency range (±3 dB) 0.08 .. 260 Hz 0.1 .. 4000 Hz
Connector UNF 10-32, radial Binder 713 (M12), axial
Weight 150 g 165 g

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