Multi-Channel Vibration Analyzer

2023-05-09 Radebeul
This is a new exciting system from Metra. Available with either 3 or 9 channels with additional tacho input for RPM.
Measure vibration simultaneously for up to 24 kHz with 22 kHz FFT bandwidth.
Amplitude-time plotter and FFT module come standard with the equipment.

Packed with available software modules such as:
  • VM100-RPM: Amplitude-rotation speed measurement
  • VM100-MAC: Machine vibration and measurement route management
  • VM100-ENV: Envelope analysis for roller bearing diagnosis
  • VM100-BAL: Balancing in one or two planes
  • VM100-VC: Third-octave analysis; VC and Nano criteria
  • VM100-HA: Hand-arm vibration measurement
  • VM100-WB1: Whole-body vibration measurement
  • VM100-WB3: Whole-body vibration measurement with 3 sensors
VM 100 is one of the very few equipment in the world with measurement possibilities for VC criteria including NANO criteria and very important for semiconductor and electronics industry. VC criteria with NANO can easily achieved by using the industry first, ultra-sensitive KB12VD accelerometer, also manufactured by Metra.

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