Vibration Calibrators

Vibration Calibrators

Vibration calibrators are vibration exciters providing a sinusoidal mechanical output at constant frequency and magnitude. They are used to determine the sensitivity of vibration sensors and measuring chains. Metra has been manufacturing vibration calibrators for more than 5 decades. Today we offer a series of devices covering most applications of field calibration. Applications include:

  • Test and sensitivity measurement of accelerometers and velocity transducers
  • Test and sensitivity measurement of Eddy current probes (VC21D)
  • Measurement of frequency response (VC120)
  • Function test and fault finding in measuring chains and sensor cable installations
  • Evaluation of sensor coupling parts The instruments are battery-powered making them suitable for both field and laboratory use.

Metra’s vibration calibrators are known to be robust and powerful devices. Their outstandingly high payload makes them a good choice for the excitation of heavy objects. Test objects are attached by an M5 threaded hole, by a magnet or adhesively. Metra’s vibration calibrators are supplied with a traceable calibration certificate. DKD calibration can be offered on demand.
Accelerometer calibrator with Stepped frequency

VC 21 (VC21D)

  • Strongest Portable Accelerometer Calibrator
  • 7 Step frequency
  • 5 Steps Amplitude
  • World's first portable calibration source for frequencies from 15.92 to 1280 Hz
  • Load independent
  • Quartz Stabilized frequencies
  • Traceable to PTB Standard
  • VC21D is equipped with displacement sensor probe attachment to calibrate proximators and displacement sensors for journal bearings and shafts
  • TTL clock output is provided to simulate key phasor signal

Technical Specifications

Type VC 21 (VC21D)
Frequencies 15.92 Hz, 40 Hz, 80 Hz, 159.2 Hz, 320 Hz, 640 Hz, 1280 Hz 
Acceleration 1 m/s2, 2 m/s2, 5 m/s2, 10 m/s2, 20 m/s2 (frequency dependent) 
Accuracy ±3% at 10 to 40°C; 5% at -10 to 55°C 
Maximum sensor load 500 gram
Sensor Mounting M5; Thread adaptors included
Display OLED
Power Supply Built-in rechargeable battery with external Mains Adaptor (Charger)
Displacement Sensor attachment VC21D only
Keyphasor signal outout VC21D only

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