Vibration Calibrators

Vibration Calibrators

Vibration calibrators are vibration exciters providing a sinusoidal mechanical output at constant frequency and magnitude. They are used to determine the sensitivity of vibration sensors and measuring chains. Metra has been manufacturing vibration calibrators for more than 5 decades. Today we offer a series of devices covering most applications of field calibration. Applications include:

  • Test and sensitivity measurement of accelerometers and velocity transducers
  • Test and sensitivity measurement of Eddy current probes (VC21D)
  • Measurement of frequency response (VC120)
  • Function test and fault finding in measuring chains and sensor cable installations
  • Evaluation of sensor coupling parts The instruments are battery-powered making them suitable for both field and laboratory use.

Metra’s vibration calibrators are known to be robust and powerful devices. Their outstandingly high payload makes them a good choice for the excitation of heavy objects. Test objects are attached by an M5 threaded hole, by a magnet or adhesively. Metra’s vibration calibrators are supplied with a traceable calibration certificate. DKD calibration can be offered on demand.
Accelerometer Calibrator with fixed frequency

VC 20

  • Strongest Portable Accelerometer Calibrator
  • Fixed Frequency at 159.15 Hz (1000 rad/s) 
  • Fixed RMS Amplitude at 10 m/s2, 10 mm/s, 10 μm
  • World's first portable calibration source for frequencies from 15.92 to 1280 Hz
  • Load independent
  • Quartz Stabilized frequencies
  • Traceable to PTB Standard

Technical Specifications

Type VC20
Frequencies 159.15 Hz (1000 red/s)
Acceleration 10 m/s2
Velocity 10 mm/s
Displacement 10 μm
Accuracy ±3% at 10 to 40°C; 5% at -10 to 55°C 
Maximum sensor load 600 gram
Sensor Mounting M5
Display OLED
Power Supply Built-in rechargeable battery with external Mains Adaptor (Charger)

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