Structural Monitoring

We provide solutions for structural custodians to build intelligent digital twins. Monitoring and analysis systems are integrated for the best performance, reliable, easy and automated data processing. We provide monitoring solutions for Oil & Gas facilities, Bridges, Tunnels, Towers, Telco or Cellular BTS Towers and many more.

Integrated from leaders in design and manufacture of diverse range of precision instruments and software packages, our systems are well suited for structural monitoring, damage detection, structural integrity evaluation, historical data analysis and many more.

We integrate most suitable equipment from our renowned Manufacturers:
  • imc Meßsysteme GmbH
  • Metra Mess und Frequenztechnik (MMF)
  • Structural Vibration Solutions (SVIBS ARTeMIS)
  • Vibrant Technology, Inc (ME'scope VES)
  • Dynamic Design Solution (FEMtools)
and variety of ancialiary equipment suppliers for fittings, cables, solar power modules, ATex enclosure etc.

Offshore Structural Dynamic Monitoring

Invicom integrates and provides Offshore Structural Dynamic Monitoring systems for short or long term monitoring of offshore platforms. Incorporating variety of sensors, measurement systems and evaluation software.

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Telco Tower Monitoring

Telco Tower for Monitoring

Telco or Cellular towers (BTS Towers) house valuable equipment. Safety and integrity of these towers are sometimes overlooked and can lead to undesirable consequences.

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GeoDAS Software

GeoDAS is a graphical user interface software for earthquake, seismic, structural, dynamic, static monitoring and measuring industry.

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MMF Accelerometers Malaysia

These are vibration transducers for nearly every purpose, including accelerometers with charge and IEPE (ICP) compatible output.

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Geosig Sensors are highly sensitive and rugged with minimum maintenance. Choose from wide range of Velocity, Acceleration and Seismic sors.

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Seismic Alarm

Seismic Alarm Switch provides a complete earthquake monitoring system including accelerometers, independent switch levels, relays, and power supply. 

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GMS plus

GMSPlus is the Flagship Strong Motion or Seismic recorder from GeoSIG with excellent operational flexibility and enhanced connectivity.

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