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FEMtools is a multi-functional, cross-platform and solver-independent family of CAE software programs providing analysis and scripting solutions for many different types of applications, as an add on to standard FEA programs.

FEMtools consists of various tools that are licensed as the following standard configurations:

Model Updating

FEMtools model updating

An integrated solution for structural dynamics simulation, model verification, validation and updating.

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FEMtools Framework

FEMtools Framework


An interactive desktop and scripting environment for engineering analysis and CAE process automation.

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FEMtools Dynamics

FEMtools dynamics

Advanced finite element solutions for simulating dynamic response and structural modifications.

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FEMtools optimisation

Toolbox for structural design optimization, to perform design optimization on validated and updated finite element models.     

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Pretest & Correlation

Pretest analysis and correlation

A complete solution for modal pretest analysis, FE model verification and validation using test-analysis correlation.

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FEMtools Full Version


FE model verification, validation, updating and optimization--the full product.

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