Measurement Devices

From compact to modular and multi-channel - choose from a wide range of universal measurement hardware and data acquisition systems.

Whether it’s in a vehicle, on a test stand or monitoring equipment and machinery - our data loggers are easy to operate and will help you become more productive and profitable. These systems are suited for work in mechanical and mechatronic applications, whether you want to use as measurement, data acquisition, control, or Hardware in the loop (HIL) simulations with Matlab Simulink. They handle up to 100 kHz per channel, are compatible with almost all signal sources and sensors, and can measure nearly all physical quantities such as pressure, force, speed, vibration, noise, temperature, voltage and current. The spectrum of imc measurement systems ranges from simple data logging, complicated real-time calculations, to the integration of simulation models and complete automation of test stands.

Flexible and Expandable
Flexible measurement system

imc CRONOSflex

Truly modular measurement system where no oversized rack or chassis is necessary—yet scaling from 4 to 4,000 channels as you need.

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Distributed & Decentralised
imc Cansas Distributed and decentralised measurements


High-performance measurement modules for test stands, in-vehicle and industrial environments. imc CANSAS modules are revolutionary concept for decentralized measurement.

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Scalable & Configurable
imc Cronos Compact for scalable measurement requirements

imc CRONOScompact

Single most comprehensive data acquisition system for electromechanical testing on the market today. Integrating measurement, control and simulation into one housing

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Compact & Universal
Compact Universal Measurement module


Compact and Universal systems for test, measurement and control tasks—all-purpose, network-capable, real-time measurement devices with built-in measurement amplifiers.

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imc Cansas Fit Stacked

imc CANSASfit

Robust and compact modules for Automotive Measurement Industry. Powerful Measurement modules for mobile applications

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Ruggerised for Extreme Environments

imc Cronos SL for extreme environment


Conforms to MIL STD810F, highest standard for temperature, environment, and shock resistance, for tough measurement routines where PC will not survive.

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Quasi-static Acquisition

imc Spartan for Quasi static application


imc SPARTAN is a compact, high-precision measurement system for quasi-static and dynamic voltage, strain gauges, current and temperature signals.

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