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GeoSIG’s model AS-12/16/18 Seismic Switch provides a complete earthquake monitoring system including accelerometer sensor, digital threshold detection circuitry for two independent switch levels, output relays, and backup battery powered AC charger. The AS-12/16 is housed in a rugged, industrial rated enclosure with connections for AC power and seismic switch relay contacts.

The AS-12/16/18 is ideally suited for accurate monitoring of earthquake shaking with relay contact closure at two different acceleration levels for warning and/or alarm functions. Factory “Pre-set” Alarm Low/High set-points include 0.15 g / 0.30 g and 40 gal / 100 gal. 

The AS-12/16/18 also provides user programmable set-points over a 0.002 g to 2.0 g range of acceleration.

Key features of the AS-12/16/18 include simple installation and low maintenance operation. Compensation for non-level mounting (within ± 5º) is provided by the AS-12/16/18’s sophisticated digital electronics therefore special levelling is not required.

Automatic system self-checks are performed every 30 days (or at users selected times) and a service warning indicator is illuminated if unscheduled maintenance is needed. A service warning relay output is also available as an option.

The AS-12/16/18’s internal rechargeable battery provides 48 hours of backup power if the 90-260 volt AC power is lost. An AC indicator is provided to check that AC charging power is present. The AS-12/16/18 enclosure provides for sealed cable entry or conduit fittings.

The AS-12/16/18 Service Port provides complete in-field testing using GeoSIG’s supplied GeoDAS Software including battery levels, analog and digital circuit checks and switch/relay tests.

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