Telco Tower Monitoring
Telco Tower for Monitoring
Telco or Cellular towers (BTS Towers) house valuable equipment. Safety and integrity of these towers are sometimes overlooked and can lead to indisirable consequences.

We provide all-in-one solution for structural health monitoring for continuous automatic structural assessment of such towers, including both roof-top and stand-alone types. Our solution is the seamless integration of:
  • Industrial grade sensors and transducers
  • Measurement Systems with autonomous EDGE capabilities
  • Data Transmission and remote control
  • Back end analysis, alerting and reporting system

Our systems are field ready and equipped with the following state of the art features:
  • Robust and stable sensors (Long life)
  • Reliable & autonomous measurement system
  • Communication system
  • Automatic analysis, display and reporting system
  • Scalability and serviceability
  • Optimum cost
  • Simplicity of Installation & use
System Layout
The above figure shows a typical configuration for a remote structural health monitoring system for a telco tower.

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