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imc measurement devices come with the measurement engineering software imc STUDIO. In the Beginner’s Training Course, proficient operation of the imc measurement system is taught in the space of one day. Practice-based exercises are conducted, measurement engineering background is presented and tips for working with the system are provided.

Towards the end of the session, the first steps in automating measurement routines are practiced.

Target Participants:

Beginners in data acquisition with imc measurement devices.


Skills in working with MS Windows (e.g., Windows XP or Windows 7, etc.)

Course Content:

  • Commissioning, connecting measurement systems
    • Setting up connection between measurement system and PC
    • Commissioning the measurement systems
    • Signal connection to appropriate terminals (example measurement)
    • Basic measurement configuration
  • Basic settings
    • Setting channel names, sampling rate etc. on the Base dialog
    • Setting signal conditioning on the Amplifier dialog
    • Simple online display of measurement using the Panel
    • Pre-processing of measurement data (Verarbeitungskarte)
    • Display of measured data
    • Setting the data storage options
  • Trigger options
    • Defining trigger events
    • Use of Monitor channels
    • Pre-triggers
    • Digital output following trigger release


1 Day (9:00 am – 4:30 pm)

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