imc and Caemax
As of May 13, 2015, the Berlin-based test and measurement technology manufacturer, imc Meßsysteme GmbH, has taken a stake in the Munich-based sensor and telemetry specialist, CAEMAX Technologie GmbH. Both companies have agreed upon an extensive sales and development partnership. The goal of this relationship is to provide customers with complete solutions in the fields of vehicle and machine testing and to relieve the burden of demanding test and measurement tasks by taking on complete system responsibility.

The integrated solution consists of combining the innovative automotive sensors and modern telemetry systems from CAEMAX with the modular measurement hardware and software from imc.

“By joining forces, CAEMAX and imc will take a top position in this industry. The clear objective is to provide complete solutions to increase the innovation strength and speed of our customers”, reports Dr. Dietmar Sprenger, Managing Director of imc Meßsysteme GmbH. “Through our cooperation, we work world-wide as a common solution provider for our customers so that they can test, optimize and produce their products throughout the entire measurement chain – from sensors to data sheets. This makes the measurement, analysis and documentation safer, less costly and more productive. In markets where a shorter product development time offers important competitive advantages, this is not to be underestimated”, continues Dr. Sprenger.  

The joint coordination of sales and service activities within Germany creates productive synergies and conditions for faster growth. As stated by Henning Pöschl, Managing Director of CAEMAX Technologie GmbH: “Through cooperation with imc, our customers will benefit not only through single-source solutions, but also by a close-knit sales and service network in Germany, as well as numerous sales offices worldwide. This ensures short distances, reduced response times and therefore, an increase in the quality of service.”


White Paper

Calibration with bridge measurements

Whoever is testing, expects their measurements to be precise and accurate! In connection with strain gauge measurements and bridge sensors, the accompanying white paper provides an explanation to a number of terms and concepts that may be a bit confusing at times.

->Download the white paper..

New Vibration Analyzer VM100

This is a new exciting system from Metra. Available with either 3 or 9 channels with additional tacho input for RPM.
Measure vibration simultaneously for up to 24 kHz with 22 kHz FFT bandwidth.
Amplitude-time plotter and FFT module come standard with the equipment.

Read more: VM100 Analyzer

Testing Expo Europe

Testing Expo Europe

Event date:
June 13, 14, 15, 2023

Event location:
Landesmesse Stuttgart
Messepiazza 1
70629 Stuttgart, Germany

Visit imc at booth 1446, hall 10

Strain gauge Acquisition

Strain gage connector

Once a test object is gauged, the connection of a data acquisition system to the strain gauges is a basic task. However, this task can only be performed once the test object is available, and the testing can only proceed once the connections and calibration of the inputs are verified. The connection, using conventional screw terminals, provides a temporary connection that can be easily removed, but this still takes time to insure performance and the correct connectivity.

The imc systems, in conjunction with the optional Termination Boxes from imc Partner A-TECH, can reduce the time needed for connection of each channel dramatically.

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